Mercedes Simplex 40 PS – the oldest surviving Mercedes

It was a rainy and cold day when we came past Stuttgart, and what would be a better idea than to visit a museum. We had been to the Porsche museum before, so this time we visited the Mercedes-Benz museum. Here some of the most beautiful cars we saw there.

Mercedes Simplex 60 PS – touring limousine
18 PS Benz double phaeton
Mercedes-Benz 500 K special roadster
Mercedes-Benz 300
the fastest and biggest German-built production car in 1951
Mercedes-Benz 300 S
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL coupé
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL roadster
Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

There are more cars to come! We also admired the Mercedes trucks and even went to the UNIMOG museum in Gaggenau – more soon. But first, we want to explore a fairytale castle!

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