At the Needles

Desert flowers
Morning light after a peaceful night

In the evening we had reached an area, where rock needles are dotting the landscape. The sun was already gone, so we stopped at a good place for the night and left the exploring of the area for the next day. We sat on the still warm rocks next to our camper and admired the myriad of stars above us.

Some of the rock needles had incredible shapes and were very tall, a great area to drive around. The weather was not very good, it even rained a little bit, but we didn’t mind.

Desert beetle

While driving north from AlUla, we noticed the Hejaz Railway line. We came past a couple of train stations and could make out the old railway track in the landscape. This railway once connected Damascus with Medina (1,300 km), and should have led until Mecca. It was completed in 1908, but heavily destroyed during WWI and finally completely abandoned in 1920. More about this famous railway.

Hejaz train station
Cordy found some sweets made from dates

We did some shopping at a small supermarket and filled up with Diesel, that we can tackle the long route to our next destination: Wadi Al Disah further north. In Saudi Arabia, it has happened to us already several times, that we stopped at a gas station, but didn’t get anything because it was prayer time. This time we were lucky.

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