Who we are

We are an Austrian couple, living in our caravan permanently since July 2018 and travelling the world.

Cordy & Edi

Our native language is of course German, but we decided to write the blog in English, so that more people can benefit from it.

In 2018 we started to travel through Europe and nobody could foresee Corona or the Ukraine war.  We were able to travel to Scandinavia, Greece, Turkey and the Caucasus during the pandemic and got to know Europe better. But in reality: what do we really know about Europe? Europe has 47 countries but how many have we visited? Now, in 2022 we come to 38, but there is no country where we could say we have seen it all or enough so that we can say we know the country. Even Spain where we lived for 8 years has so many fascinating places we have not seen yet. Also Austria – our home country – still has lots of things to discover.

Since Corona made it harder to cross borders, Europe became the only continent where we could travel, which was not bad at all, as we are more and more fascinated by what this continent has to offer.

We travelled to Georgia & Armenia including of course Turkey on the way in 2021, which we found very fascinating and really have to recommend.

In 2022 we shipped our camper to South Africa and explored Southeast Africa till we shipped from Kenya to Oman in January of 2024.

We love hiking and cycling and we do a lot of that during our journeys. Nature is more what we are looking for than cities so our destinations will be the natural wonders and to a much lesser extent the conglomerates of humankind.

We hope you enjoy reading this blog and it gives you some ideas for your own adventures !