Our 4×4 camper

Cochecito” – “The little car” is his name

2016 we got our new camper custom built from “Dopfer Reisemobile“, a german manufacturer who produces about 20 vehicles per year. Until now we still think it’s perfect for us and there is nothing we would like to change.

The camper is based on a Mercedes Sprinter 906 (EURO 6) with 4 wheel drive and a ORMOCAR GFK cabin. The dimensions are 6.80 / 2,25 / 3,60 meters, so it is compact enough to go downtown or off-road and big enough for our travelling style and the comfort we like. 
In 2018, 2019 we updated it with air suspension at the rear axle, a winch at the front bumper, a snorkel and proper tires for enhanced ability in off road situations. In 2020 we changed to the most modern batterie LIFEPO (280 Ah) technology for optimal electricity management and supply.

@ Globetrotter Rodeo Austria



Home made bread @ the camper





@ Styria, Austria
50000 @ 01.03.2019
Drau river @ Slovenia 2019
Supermoon 21.03.2019
Early November sun @ Crete
And now?  December 2019 Crete
Good morning @ Portugal
Stop for the night @ Ephesus Turkey
View of Fethiye / Turkey from the harbour @ full Moon
Sunset @ Peloponnes
Turkey @ the ruines of Side
Sunset @ Cornwall
Stop for the night @ Albania


@ Masuria, Poland
80000 @ May, 30th 2020
Sunset @ Bremen, Germany

Via Karelia @ Finnland, September, 2020

Lappland, September 2020
Nordkapp September, 27th 2020
Winter in Norway, November 21th 2020
100 000 Km @ Dec 26th 2020 in Austria
Austria, – 15 Celsius, January 2021

Very tight passage @ Peloponneses Greece, March 2021
Spain, desert of Monegros, May 2021