Arriving @ Denmark

Our last parking for the night in Sweden was at a wonderful beach which we went to explore the next morning. (Parking: 56.452701, 12,907042) Afterwards we were on the way to Denmark, taking the 16 km long bridge and tunnel over the Øresund. We passed Copenhagen and stopped at Odense where we spent the night. …

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Walking into Lake Vänern

We had reached lake Vänern, in the south-west of Sweden. It is the largest lake in Sweden, the largest lake in the European Union and the third-largest lake in Europe after Ladoga and Onega in Russia! We came here to explore a trace of the ice age which leads into the lake – Hindens rev. (Parking: 58.572910, 12.914454) Hindens rev is a long, …

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Walk @ Kynnefjäll

Again we had used the parking where our hike started for the night. That turned out to be the best way to use the daylight. This way we manage to start “early” on our hikes and leave the driving for the afternoon, when it gets dark very early. (Parking: 58.72737, 11.72918) In the morning we …

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