Travel Route 2023

We left Dar es Salaam mid of January after our Christmas visit to Austria, to explore a bit more of Tanzania, especially the famous National Parks in the North.

After reaching Lake Victoria, we decided to got first to Rwanda and then Uganda and Kenya. As we had to leave our drone at the border to Uganda, we changed our route and returned to the same border, going again through Tanzania to finally reach Kenya.

Our route to the North of Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

After a great time in all these countries, we turned south, crossed Tanzania swiftly and travelled trough Malawi. We drove through the south-east of Zambia and reached Zimbabwe, where we are at the moment.

After a tour through Zimbabwe, we will go to Botswana, South Africa and Mozambique next. At the moment we think we will drive home by shipping the camper from Mombasa to Oman. This way we will be able to visit also the Middle East!

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