Kaole Ruins

After returning from Europe to Dar es Salaam, we spent some more days at the lovely Sunrise Beach Resort, before we left there, for a stop at the Mercedes garage (CFAO Motors) to get the brakes renewed. (We had brought the necessary spare parts from Europe.)

In the afternoon everything was finished and we stopped at one of the rare supermarkets in Tanzania at the Mlimani Mall. That day we reached Mahaba Beach, with a simple but lovely resort at the long beach full of fishing boats.

The next day we continued to Bagamoyo, where we first visited the Kaole Ruins on our way into town.

Kaole was once a trading town at the coast. The old Swahili coral stone ruins are dating to a period between the 13th century and the 16th century and consist of two mosques and 30 tombs. We paid about 8,-/pp entrance fee and got a guide, who showed us around.

500 years old Baobab tree
Pillar tomb

The tombs had pillars, the hight of the pillar signified the importance of the person buried here.

Tomb of a princess

The well next to the old mosque has a special water: when you wash your hands with it, you can make a wish and it will be fulfilled.

We found the site of the Kaole ruins interesting and well presented, something we didn’t see very often in Tanzania. We are now going into Bagamoyo, to explore this important trading town and colonial headquarter of the Germans.

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