Month: August 2019

Deep mud @ Styria

Every year in August overlanders and 4×4 enthusiasts meet at the Styrian Erzberg in Austria for the Globetrotter Rodeo to party, chat about traveling, 4×4 trucks and offroading! Is this the right terrain for a camper like ours? We attended the Globetrotter Rodeo for the first time and enjoyed the camp, the exhibition of vehicles and …

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After the little accident with our navigation system, we were on the way through Bavaria when we stopped at the lovely town of Oberammergau. Oberammergau is famous for its “Lüftlmalerei”, frescoes of traditional Bavarian themes, fairy tales, religious scenes or architectural trompe-l’œil (= deceive the eye – a technique to create the optical illusion of …

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Mercedes suicide radio

DANGER: pairing your phone with the original Mercedes car radio could cause the suicide of the Mercedes device! After trying to connect my phone via Bluetooth to the Mercedes device, the radio/navigation stopped on one of the user interfaces and did not accept any input. Even all hardware buttons were out of function. In the …

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