Mercedes suicide radio

DANGER: pairing your bluetooth phone with the original Mercedes car Radio could cause the suicide of the Mercedes device!

After trying to connect via bluetooth to the Mercedes device the device stoped on one of the user interfaces and did not accept any input. Even all hardware buttons were out of function. 
We found out in the user manual the hardware reset procedure, so we tried, no positive result or change. Then we found the fuse to cut of the power line, no result either!
Next Stop at the authorised Mercedes workshop in Hall / Tyrol, Austria. Very friendly and accurate Service and immediate reaction.

After connecting the OBDII diagnosis tool to the car a problem with the radio was reported …
let´s try the suggested software rest ….
No positive effect!
Last chance: let´s disconnect the main wire plug of the unit …

Guess what?  No result …
Sorry, the Unit is “dead”, no way to repair this. We could change it to a new one!
Let´s talk to the Mercedes responsible for warranty settlement: Sorry dear customer no way for a positive warranty settlement, because your car is 3 years old and has 63000 km ….
Does the customer need to pay for the software dead lock of the Mercedes unit?
Yes, you customer idiot, we will Charge you just the fee for trouble analysis but we do not solve the problem!
Thank you Mercedes, I will talk about this story and for sure I will have it in mind when deciding for my next Truck!

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