Father & Son Race days

On one of the hottest days in August we decided to go to Hungary for off road biking and  to go for Supermoto on a racetrack in Austria near Vienna the next day.

Very good Monty, rear and front braking into the left hander …

Our aim was to improve cornering skills, because cornering is always the key of being fast in racing.
Accelerating flat out the corner
Easy jumping, by controlling the speed of the rear wheel 
Wheelieing, always fun!
Next day we reactivated our KTM 560 SMR, a real beast, 4 stroke, single piston with 70 horse power. 
Flat out the corner ….
Down to the knee ….
Using the last bit of the tire!
Braking in the corner ..
Look into the corner Youngster, very important!
Changing driver, different driving style …
Driving very relaxed speed after not having raced in 10 years!
The knee helps stabilising!

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