Travel Route 2021

January 2021

This year started with a lockdown again, which made us stay in Austria and explore the skiing areas, chasing the good weather from South to North and backwards. The skiing was unbelievable, with a lot of snow and no crowds anywhere. A once in a lifetime experience!! Look through our posts from Austria!

February – April 2021

On February 11th we arrived in Greece by ferry, hoping for Mediterranean climate and sun! After more than 8 weeks enjoying Greece, we returned to Austria, following the route through North Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary. Posts from Greece!

May – August 2021

Looking for warmer weather and sun, we hit the road again. This time to go to Spain, which is our second home country. Spain is amazing and has so much to offer, especially if you leave the coast and explore the hidden gems. If you like to find some of them, look at our posts from Spain!

2nd of September until 31th of December 2021

At the beginning of September, we started our trip into the Caucasus. We visited northern Romania and Moldova, including Transnistria, before we went south to Turkey, where we got a little stuck in Istanbul. Finally, we reached Georgia, where we spent a month to explore this fascinating country. End of October we crossed the border to Armenia, where we spent about 2,5 weeks before we returned to Georgia. We came back to Turkey at the 22nd of November and went to explore Kurdistan, slowly going west until we reached the sea!

We had to change our plans a little bit at the end of the year: first, the weather forecast for Cappadocia was not good at all, so we decided to go to Cyprus first and enjoy the better weather there. When both our PCR tests for the ferry were positive, our plans changed again. We went into quarantine at a lonely beach, where we recovered from our infection. Afterwards we didn’t try again, as we were not sure, how long it would take to have a negative PCR test. Instead, we continued along the coast to the west, heading to Lycia for some hiking.

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2 thoughts on “Travel Route 2021”

  1. Hello Guys,
    Thank you so much for all the info on your website. Everything is very useful…
    We are also going in a long travel from Austria to South East Asia and then back to Europe by the east coast of Africa. We own a Hilux with a Bimobil and we are looking for camper specialist in east Europe to work with us in adding some gear to our car – like metal boxes, a safe, extra tire, besides adding a new solar panel and checking the gas/ heating system etc..) Would know and recommend anyone ? It would be very helpful!
    We wish you all the best ūüôā and hopefully we will bump into each other at some point of our travels.
    Paulo & Heidi

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