Planning the Caucasus expedition (updated 22.09.2021)

We had decided that we want to go east this autumn, starting from Vienna at the 2nd of September 2021. There are some fascinating countries to explore around the Black Sea and in the Caucasus. A new region with different languages and cultures for us.

Our first plan was, to cross through Hungary and Romania into Moldova and then enter Ukraine. From there we wanted to go to Russia, avoiding the Krim region and then heading to Dagestan (Russia), Georgia and Armenia.

This means, we have to start planning the details of this trip now (July 2021).

Main things to do:

– COVID Vaccination (J&J arranged for August in Austria – done)
– Russian Visa (20.07. unclear status if the border crossing to Russia with your own vehicle)
– Russian Border Permit (applied)
– International driving licence (done 17.08.2021)
– HAM Radio permit (RUS, Ukraine, Moldova are ok)
– Technical check and preparation of our vehicle (done)
– new tires (done 20.08.2021 @ 116.000 Km)
– route planning (in progress)
– Cash Leu, Hrywinja, Rubel, Lari, Dram (done 25.08.2021)
– Update of the navigation software (done 24.08.2021)
– Update of the navigation new countries: Problem: no map for Georgia & Armenia !!!
– Replacing water filters (done 15.08.2021)
– Checking road toll systems of all countrys (special regulations for > 3,5 tonns)

anything else ???

Update 22.09.2021

Problem: no map for Georgia & Armenia !!!
Solution found: Navigator app from Mapfactor
Using this app we can load the missing maps on our android device and connect with ANDROID AUTO to our existing ALPINE navigation screen!
This solution is for free, lets see how it works. We are just testing now in Turkey.

Update 22.07.2021

As it seems, the border crossing to Russia with the own vehicle is currently not possible, we were waiting for an official statement of the Russian Embassy, but it looks like we need to change our route around the Black Sea.

Alternative route, if border crossing to Russia isn’t possible

We are now back to Austria, to get most of the things organised, which we want to do before this trip. More soon!

Update 17.08.2021 // new tires and technical checkup

technical checkup starts
New tires @ 116.000 Km & chassis check
Engine inspection
Checking the turbo axel tolerance

All perfect, we just had one “old” error in the electronical log. “Turbo boost pressure low”. We faced this error 3 times until now, but we could always reset the electronics to make the engine run perfectly again, therefore there is currently no problem we need to follow.

All other components of the camper show no weakness and work perfect, so we are a step further to start the “Caucasus expedition”.

Replacing the used water filter after 6 months (Greece, Spain)
Cleaning and checking the tools and spare parts
40 liters of extra Diesel
New rear shocks
“AUSTRIA” in Georgian letters @ the rear of the camper

The day we can leave gets closer and we are working on our “to do list” every day, that we will be ready by the end of August. We can’t wait for the day we hit the road again!!

2nd of September 2021 – we left our home base in Austria in direction to the East! Finally!!

More on our first post of this trip!

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