Planning the Caucasus expedition (updated 22.07.2021)

We had decided that we want to go east this autumn, starting from Vienna at the end of August 2021. There are some fascinating countries to explore around the Black Sea and in the Caucasus. A new region with different languges and cultures for us.

Our current plan is, to cross through Hungary and Romania into Moldova and then enter Ukraine. From there we would like to go to Russia, avoiding the Krim region and then heading to Dagestan (Russia), Georgia and Armenia.

This means, we have to start planning the details of this trip now (July 2021).

Main things to do:

– Vaccination against COVID (J&J arranged for August in Austria)
– Russian Visa (20.07. unclear status if the border crossing by car is possible)
– Russian Border Permit (applied)
– International driving licence
– HAM Radio permit (RUS, Ukraine, Moldova are ok)
– Technical check and preparation of our vehicle (new tires and battery allready ordered)
– route planning (in progress)
– Cash (Leu, Hrywinja, Rubel, Lari, Dram)

Update 22.07.2021

As it seems, that the bordercrossing to Russia on land with the own vehicle is currently not possible, we are still waiting for a official statement of the Russian Emabassy, we need to change our route around the Black Sea.

Alternative route, if bordercrossing to Russia is not possible

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