At the Grand Canyon?

One of the many little mosques along the road

After leaving Wadi Al Disah, we drove in the direction of Tabuk, looking for the Grand Canyon of Saudi Arabia, the Alshiq canyon.

Typical workshop and the classic Toyota all the Bedouins drive
Some petrol station looked not so enticing, not all sell Diesel
Nice guy filling our camper again with Diesel

After we had found the location where to leave the highway, we drove over rocky terrain until we spotted the canyon in the distance.

When we finally reached the edge, we were mesmerized by the deep canyon in front of us. We parked next to it and admired the view until the sun disappeared. Luckily it wasn’t too hot here and there were not as many flies as in some other areas.

We are fascinated by the landscape of Saudi Arabia, especially the Hejaz region surprised us again and again with incredible sceneries. Tomorrow we will explore more by driving off-road to the north, let’s hope we make it through the sand and over rocky tracks. More soon!

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