Wadi Al Disah

On our way to Wadi Al Disah, we came through rain, sandstorms, endless rocky plains and down a steep road, a long but fascinating drive.

Another Hejaz Railway station

At the parking, where the trip into the wadi starts, we met Kristin and Toby again, and decided to go together. Accompanied by House music, we drove over sandy tracks, most of the time through water and some bumpy sections into the canyon between fascinating red rocks. At the bottom, the abundance of green vegetation was a great contrast to the mountains around us and a pleasure to the eye.

Oleander were in full bloom and dotting the riverbed

We felt like on a game drive, and we even spotted a Squacco Heron, sitting high up on the Toyota Landcruiser. The wadi was truly spectacular, and Kristin and Toby produced a great video for YouTube – click here ūüėČ

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