Going off the road

We are now more than 1000 days on the road and always try our best to find spectacular spots. After traveling through 34 countries and driving 100 000 kilometres, we know, that only about 3 percent are gravel road and a tiny part of it are really challenging off road passages. As we are driving …

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Deep mud @ Styria

Every year in August overlanders and 4×4 enthusiasts meet at the Styrian Erzberg in Austria for the Globetrotter Rodeo to party, chat about traveling, 4×4 trucks and offroading! Is this the right terrain for a camper van? We attended the Globetrotter Rodeo for the first time and enjoyed the camp, the exhibition of vehicles and gear …

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Offroad Training

We spent a day testing our new winch and driving offroad to get a better feeling of what is possible with our “cochecito” and where the limits are. don´t worry about sloping tracks read the track, don´t drive to fast! it is very important to practice using the winch Since we took off the draw …

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