Amazing Vashlovani National Park – DAY 4

From Dedoplistkaro to the mud volcanos, it was a 50 km long drive. We were just a little surprised, that directly in town the road starts as a mud track. In general it was in good condition, much better than an old tarmac road with thousands of potholes. And where the road had turned difficult, a new track was created parallel, to avoid the bad parts.

Cowboys are a common sight in Georgia
Endless track leading to the Dali reservoir and the mud volcanos
Getting closer
Crossing the Dali reservoir dam
Crossing a canyon – a difficult section
Up we go

We didn’t come past a border control, just that suddenly a big military vehicle was following us. We stopped off course and they checked our border permit. They must have spied us from a watch tower at a big distance.

When we reached the mud volcanos, the sun was already low and we had beautiful light. The landscape was fascinating and we went to explore the little volcanos, where cold mud bubbles out and runs down the slopes. We had visited very similar mud volcanos in Romania, but here the expansive surroundings were just phenomenal. (Romanian mud volcanos)

Ravine created by water next to the road
Crossing the canyon again on the way back
Parking for the Night

What a place to celebrate a little. We opened a bottle of red sparkling wine from the Cricova winery in Moldova, we had visited 7 weeks ago and enjoyed the evening at the Dali reservoir. The next day we drove the same route back to Dedoplistskaro, where we restocked before we went to explore another crazy landscape – the rainbow mountains. More on our next post!

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