Spain – Aragón


A town completely destroyed during the Spanish civil war, any reconstruction prohibited by the dictator, the ruins left to remind us of the cruelties of warfare, that is Belchite el viejo. A new town was built next to it by captured Republican soldiers who were interned in the nearby concentration camp. Belitche is a place …

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Zaragoza, a touristic visit

Exploring Zaragoza, we started at the Aljafería Palace, before we strolled into the centre where around the Plaza de Pilar the Basilica and Lonja together with the Fountain of Hispanicity and many other buildings impress with its grandeur. The Aljafería Palace was built as a fortified medieval palace during the 11th century in the Taifa of Zaragoza, an independent …

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Roadtrip to Spain

    The goal was to get from the Netherlands to Valencia in Spain without paying toll fee.  We put that into our navigation and just followed the directions. We were surprised how easy it was and how good the roads were concerning traffic, roundabouts, red lights and other obstacles.  We followed mostly national roads …

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