OTA Globetrotter Rodeo @ Limberg / Austria

This year the Globetrotter Rodeo took place again, and we didn’t want to miss it! Especially as it took place at the quarry of Edis friend Max in his hometown Limberg in Lower Austria.

Larissa and Flo – happy that the Unimog runs perfectly

Another reason was, that our son Monty and his friends were there too, taking their historic Unimog from 1963 into all the off-road sections and having a lot of fun. The last Globetrotter Rodeo took place in 2019 at the famous Erzberg. That time the Unimog didn’t last long and had to be taken home again – more on the post Globetrotter Rodeo 2019.

Taking every challenge

This car is unbelievable, it takes every section with ease, crawling over obstacles completely unfazed. It was a lot of fun to watch them. I also took the passenger seat, which was thrilling and a little bit unsettling, when Flo showed me all the special tracks. Thank you Flo! More on Instagram: Unimog_Adventure

Monty & Esther – happy that the Unimog ran so smoothly
Great to be together, before we go in different directions again
New generation and its little brother

Bine & Gerhard with their “Mögchen” joined us too, and we could watch this big Unimog in action – more on exploremog.com.

Not everybody made it, but rescue was always close. Anybody was happy to use his winch to pull somebody else out.

Beside the off-road area, there were of course a lot of stalls with globetrotter equipment, but also food and a program with presentations of adventures and much more.

Baking bread on the open fire – delicious!
A good rope for 4×4 enthusiasts

The weather stayed mostly dry and we could enjoy the evenings at the campfire and get the barbecue ready for veggies and meat lovers alike.

We ended the day with a chat around the fire, while the marshmallows were getting mellow.

This was the last event in Austria, which kept us from leaving on our upcoming trip. More on our next post!

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