Desert Crossing to the Border of Jordan

From the canyon, where we had spent a pleasant night, we tried to make our way north, avoiding sand dunes but taking bedouin tracks through a fascinating landscape of rock formations. The first day, we came into a sandstorm and stopped next to a mountain. In the morning, the sky was clear again, and we could continue and enjoy the scenery of the Hisma plateau.

Long-eared goats with their shepherd were crossing our route

In some areas, the many sharp-edged stones were worrisome, but luckily our tyres survived the torture. On the way, we discovered a huge arch in one of the rocks.

Giant arch
Desert fruit – nobody seems to like them

On our map was a road coming from the north, which we wanted to reach to get to the highway further north. We noticed a small track leading there, but also a riverbed to cross. We were hoping for the best, that we could drive this track until we would reach the tar road. Luckily it was no problem, the riverbed was not too soft, and we could cross it without problems.

In front of us, the wide riverbed we had to cross to get to the road on the other side

With crossing from Bajdah near the road 8784 to the road 394 further north, we saved a lot of boring kilometres on tar, instead we had traversed a fantastic landscape and were now close to the border of Jordan.

We stopped in the last town called Haql to fill up with the very cheap Diesel of Saudi Arabia and do some shopping before we crossed into Jordan and set up camp at the beach south of Aqaba to finally enjoy the Red Sea or more precise the Gulf of Aqaba. In Saudi Arabia, the coast guard doesn’t allow camper to park near the shore, therefore we had spent our time in Saudi Arabia inland and never tried our luck at the coast. Now we will enjoy the sea and snorkel at the coral reefs for a couple of days.

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