Passing Lorca

Parking for the Night

After a magnificent night at the Embalse del Negratín, we were on the highway again, until we spotted the castle of Lorca and took the turn off to visit this town, which was hit very hard by an earthquake in 2011.

Castle of Lorca
Beautiful old town
Damages from the earthquake are still visible on many houses
Palacio Guevara

The Guevara palace is called the most significant building of all the civil baroque of Lorca, and that is easy to believe with its majestic portal with the impressive columns.

Archeological museum of Lorca
Capilla del Rosario
@ Plaza España
San Patricio Collegiate
Ayuntamiento (city hall)
Coffee break
Fuente del Caño
Old city gate
Flower of the Day @ Centro de Visitantes

Our visit to Lorca had started here, at the Centro de Visitantes de Lorca, where we could explore a very informative exhibition about the history of Lorca, with English explanations and short films also available in English. A big praise to Lorca!

As so often, we had arrived at 2pm, when everything just closed for the afternoon, (only the visitor centre was open until 2.30). But we were happy to take a stroll through town with so many beautiful buildings without visiting the many museums. Also the castle was closed, which saved us from a hike up during the summer heat.

We are now finally taking a holiday, as we intend to spend a week at a Nudist camping at the coast near Cartagena in El Portús.

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