4×4 to the Rainbow Arch

On the way to the Rainbow Arch, we ran into Kristin & Toby again, which we had met in Muscat about 2 months ago. They are travelling with their 2 cats in the same direction as we do.

Kristin, Toby & Alfred, the beautiful cat

The Rainbow Arch is a famous sight, as the arch is very big and not too far from the road.

Can you spot Cordy?

From the big arch, we continued through the desert on Bedouin tracks, following again a route from Pistenkuh. We found a second arch and made our way around fascinating rocks until we had to tackle a sandy gap between two mountains.

Possing at another arch

Finally, the sand was so deep that we had to deflate our tyres. Luckily, we had bought 4 new tyres for the rear in AlUla, Chinese products which hopefully last until Europe, where a set of BFGoodrich is already awaiting us. Our old tyres, full of cuts and repaired more than once, would not have survived getting deflated.

When we reached the gap between the mountains, the track led downhill through deep sand. A first for us, driving down like this.

Before we finally reached the tar road again, we passed a Bedouin camp with a camel racetrack, where young camels were trained in the late afternoon.

When we filled up our tyres for the road again, the compressor collapsed, due to the heat. We filled the last tyre at the petrol station and the next morning, Edi could fix the compressor again.

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