Morning walk in Wadi Numeira

There are many Wadis leading down from the mountains of about 1,000 metres to the Dead Sea, which have carved fantastic canyons into the rocks. We had chosen Wadi Numeira in the south, as it is easy to access without fee, and we could spend the night at the entrance to the gorge next to a Bedouin camp.

At the beginning, we tried to use rocks to cross the little river, but in the end we gave up and walked through the water.

We were mesmerised by the narrow gorge, the pink rocks smoothened by the water into wave-like walls. Some parts were so narrow and dark, it felt a little scary to walk through it, knowing that there would be no chance to escape a spring flood. Luckily, it was not raining anywhere at the moment.

Tackling some obsticles

After our hike through the gorge, we spent the rest of the day at a Dead Sea Spa, enjoying the nice temperature and the salty water in luxury.

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