Berglsteiner See walk

We had to be in Tyrol/Austria for work, but there was enough time for a lovely hike in the Austrian Alps.

We stayed at the Reintaler See near Kramsach. It is said to be one of the warmest lakes in Tyrol, which doesn’t imply that the water is very warm, it just isn’t as cold as the other lakes ūüėČ
Baby swan’s at the Reintaler See

Our destination was the Berglsteiner See, a small lake in the mountains, which was just an hour walk from the Camping Seehof where we stayed.

Some exercises to improve your learning abilities
Reaching the lake
Beautiful Berglsteiner See
While circling the lake we watched two wedding parties getting their pictures done at this picturesque lake.

The view into the valley of the river Inn was spectacular, even on this lightly overcast day.

When we passed the historic farm “Kruckenhaus”, a farm shop offered traditional bread, which we couldn’t resist buying.
easy walk back home
Flower and bee of the Day

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