Deep mud @ Styria

Every year in August overlanders and 4×4 enthusiasts meet at the Styrian Erzberg in Austria for the Globetrotter Rodeo to party, chat about traveling, 4×4 trucks and offroading!

Is this the right terrain for a camper like ours?

We attended the Globetrotter Rodeo for the first time and enjoyed the camp, the exhibition of vehicles and gear and for sure the huge off-road driving area.
Our attempt was to check and improve our driving skills and to test our new tires in wet and muddy conditions.
Saturday was a quite rainy day, which changed some areas of the dusty environment into gigantic muddy potholes. A very nice opportunity for us to get some practice in really slippery conditions….
Selecting the correct track to enter carefully  ..
The heavy cabin is lifting one wheel on uneven ground.
Entering the mud!
Speeding up and hoping for traction …
The BF-Goodrich provides good traction
The Dopfer 4×4 camper made it easily …
Well done !
Flower of the Day

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