Classic 1963 UNIMOG @ Globetrotter Rodeo

We met our son at the Globe Trotter Rodeo in Austria to spend some adventure days together. When we arrived, he was already off-roading with his 1963 UNIMOG 411 at the Erzberg.

Yellow sticker for the car to enter the off-road area

UNIMOG 1963 @ Erzberg Styria, Austria
Already after one hour of driving the UNIMOG in difficult terrain, a major problem stopped the fun.
Leaking oil filter system at the 30 hp Mercedes engine – no way to go further!
But, if you are well-equipped, there is a chance of fixing the problem …
Let’s start ….
If you know where to put your hands …
…. You can easily identify the problem!
Heavy machinery is needed ..
Fitting in the improvised fix again!
Looks good
OK, now let’s start the engine to see if it works …
Negative, the oil filter is still leaking!

After about 6 hours of repairs on site, the result was frustrating negative. The oil filter system was still leaking, and the engine therefore could not be back in service.

We decided to load the UNIMOG on the trailer to repair the engine at Monty’s workshop.

How to load the UNIMOG onto the trailer?
The question was, how to tow the UNIMOG safely onto the trailer. Luckily, we were able to use the winch of our camper.
Connecting the rope of the winch to the UNIMOG
Let’s start winching!
Little by little, the UNIMOG was winched onto the trailer …
We had to use all our recovery utilities (and know how) to get the job done!
Nearly there …
It’s done!
And after a 3 hours drive safely home again.

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