After the little accident with our navigation system, we were on the way through Bavaria when we stopped at the lovely town of Oberammergau.

Oberammergau is famous for its “Lüftlmalerei”, frescoes of traditional Bavarian themes, fairy tales, religious scenes or architectural trompe-l’œil (= deceive the eye – a technique to create the optical illusion of three dimensions) which can be found on many homes and buildings. While walking around the centre, we could admire these beautifully painted houses.

The Pilatus House is one of the most famous houses in town, with the “Conviction of Jesus by Pilate” painting on the garden side of the house. Today this building offers a “living workshop” on the ground floor which gives you the opportunity to look various artisans over the shoulder.

The cemetery around the church was also fascinating, with beautiful crosses made of wood. The church was packed with villagers as a mass was celebrated, so we didn’t enter to not disturb. The shops around town offer what is supposedly typical Bavarian: beer, brezel, lederhosen and cows 🙂

We stopped for a delicious brunch at one of the restaurants before we drove on to Tyrol in Austria.

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