Arriving @ Denmark

Our last parking for the night in Sweden was at a wonderful beach which we went to explore the next morning. (Parking: 56.452701, 12,907042)

Afterwards we were on the way to Denmark, taking the 16 km long bridge and tunnel over the Øresund. We passed Copenhagen and stopped at Odense where we spent the night.

I got it running – but not for very long 😉
Theater of Odense
Coffee break

In Odense we also found a perfect place to do our washing – with a big parking and a supermarket (Self service laundry: 55.39261, 10.407985). We could wash and dry 3 big machines in no time and do our grocery shopping in the meantime.

After our visit to Odense we wanted to explore a little bit more of the area and drove to Fins Hoved – the most northern tip of the island of Funen – where we spent the night. Tomorrow we will travel back in time into the Viking age – more on our next post!

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