Hiking Tresticklan National Park

Parking for the Night

Tresticklan National Park lies at the border to Norway, North of the Swedish town of Ed. We arrived there in the afternoon and did a short test hike as there was not enough daylight left for the full tour. The next day we woke to a blue sky at the lake where we had parked for the night. (59.045894, 11.801056)

The sun rose slowly over the trees and morning fog moved over the lake – perfect to explore the lake with the drone.

It was just a short walk to the official parking for the national park where the hike started. The first leg leads into the park and then a circular route starts which is well marked. It took us through pine forest and past lakes, over bridges and planks. The route was not too muddy and good to walk.

Rounded rocks, ground in shape by glaciers

Finally we arrived back home to our lake. The whole route through the national park took about 3 hours. We decided to use the little daylight left, to drive to our next destination, another hike in the middle of nowhere, but somehow through an enchanted landscape. Check out the next post!

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