Walk @ Kynnefjäll

Again we had used the parking where our hike started for the night. That turned out to be the best way to use the daylight. This way we manage to start “early” on our hikes and leave the driving for the afternoon, when it gets dark very early. (Parking: 58.72737, 11.72918)

Parking for the Night

In the morning we were surprised that everything was frozen. All the trees were covered in ice crystals which glistened in the sun – the cold had turned the forest into a magical landscape!

Enjoying every sun ray I can get
Shelter with fireplace above a lake

We had found this hike on the Rother online guide for the South of Sweden. The circular route is well marked and took us less than 4 hours. In some parts the planks over the bog were in bad condition, some of no use anymore. In other parts they seemed to have been replaced recently. We had some difficult parts where we had to find our way around or through the water, but in general it was a great hike.

Rotten planks – but we found another way across
Ice crystals everywhere

When we left and drove further south, we came over a bridge where the moon was rising just above the lake while dusk had turned the sky pink. We turned around and stopped to enjoy this fascinating moment. 

We continued to drive until it was completely dark – something we normally avoid. On the one hand you don’t see anything of your surroundings, on the other hand it gets more dangerous. But again we wanted to reach a place we want to explore the next day. This time we will walk into a lake – more on our next post.

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