A Bavarian hike

Car wash!

In Bavaria we stopped by at our apartment near Freyung, which doesn’t see us very often, visited a school friend of Edi and had enough time for a hike south of Augsburg.

We started from Mittelneufnach, did a big circle to Oberneufnach, where we visited the lookout tower named after Christoph Scheiner – more about him below, and finally found our way back.

Chapel of the 14 holy helpers
Christoph Scheiner Tower

Christoph Scheiner (born 1573 in Markt Wald) was a physicist, optician and astronomer. He invented several instruments and worked as a professor in Ingolstadt and Rome. He is regarded as the co-discoverer of the sunspots, alongside Galileo.

Typical farm house of this region
Back at the start of our hike
Flower of the Day

As winter is coming back, we are looking for a museum next, luckily Stuttgart has some great car museums. More on our next post!

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