Senja – from Mefjord to Husøy

Parking for the Night

At Mefjordvaer there is a big parking for caravans and from there a couple of hiking routes start. As the weather wasn’t really perfect we waited for the best moment and then jumped into the hiking boots to walk around Knuten and along the coast.

Lighthouse at Knuten
Summit of Knuten
Mefjordvaer from the top

Our parking surrounded by mountains was perfect. In the evening we went down into the village where we had spotted an open restaurant and had dinner there. Already during the night heavy rain started and it didn’t stop the following day. We used the time to get some work done but in the afternoon it got boring and we decided to explore the island by driving to Botnhamn and back to the island of Husøy.

Leaving our parking
Can you make out Husøy?

After we took a walk through Husøy we explored nearby Fjordgård, where some great hikes start. In the end we decided it made no sense to wait another day for suitable weather and set off back to Finnsnes not leave Senja and head to the Vesteralen islands instead.

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