Senja – from Gryllefjord to Ersfjord

Driving along the fjords of Senja, we got many great views of this wild coast and mountains. Our trip took us first to Gryllefjord in the south-west of Senja and then north from one fjord to the next until Ersfjord where a spell of sun ended that day.

The birch trees had finally no leaves anymore and the sun didn’t appear much but we still had fun that day as you will see.

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Last road works before the winter hits
First stop: Gryllefjord
Next stop: Hamn I Senja
View into the bay

Our last stop was at Tungeneset from where you have a great view onto the mountains of Ersfjord. The sun was setting behind the clouds and some last rays made a fantastic light. We found this spot breathtaking!

Next we will explore the Northern part of Senja – lets hope the weather allows us to do some hikes – more on the next post!

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