Farming in Mozambique

20 kms drive from the main road
Villages around their farm

On the route from Chimoio to Tete we needed a place for the night. Greet, from our last stop at a mango farm, gave us the number of Chris, a farmer in this region. He invited us to stay at his farm and sent us the instructions how to find him. We took a turn off with no sign onto a sand road, which was on no app we use, not even on Google maps. We came past small huts and cut down forests, where maize was getting planted.

When we reached the huge farm of Chris and Filipa, we were in the Miombo forest, the natural vegetation of this area. These trees characteristically shed their leaves for a short period in the dry season to reduce water loss and produce a flush of new leaves just before the onset of the wet season, which just had happened.

Cordy & Filipa
Filipa, Cordy & Chris

Together, we went on a tour of the farm. They showed us their fields with center pivot irrigation, where maize was starting to grow.

To provide the water for the irrigation of the crops, the near by river is used as source which provides enough water all over the year. A huge pumping station including the pipeline structure is in place. All the structure is developed and maintained by Chris and his team.

Two pumps in place (one currently in maintenance)
23 hectares are irrigated here with one center pivot
Chris checking the development of the new crop
A pest was eating at the young plants
49 millimetres of (natural) rain last night
With the rain, the first flowers were coming out
Visiting the abattoir
Cooling facilities for the meat production

Chris & Filipa invited us for a braai, where Edi could taste their excellent meat. We enjoyed chatting with them and learn more about farming in Mozambique. A fascinating live they lead in the middle of nowhere in Mozambique.

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  1. Hello Edi, Hello Cordy,
    did you stay in Mozambique for this Christmas? Or is a short trip to the “old home” planed (same as last year)?

    Frohe Weihnachten, happy new year 2024.
    Liebe Grüße, Ewald

    1. Hallo Ewald,
      no, this year we stay in Africa for Christmas, no family holiday in Austria!

      Alles Gute für Weihnachten und 2024!

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