Mozambique – a summary

we came from South Africa (Komatipoort) and left to Malawi (Mwanza). Both borders were easy.

The visa was 6,252.- Metical for one month (88 Euros) – not the cheapest country. We had a hotel booking for Maputo, which we needed at the border. We had no print out, but the officer took our laptop and printed it at his printer, which really surprised us.

Toll & Insurance:
A local insurance was required, which we got 4 km after the border next to a filling station. At the border, all the insurance offices were closed, it looked like permanently. We paid 700,- Rand (34.60 Euros) for our 5.5t camper.

we changed our Rand after the border into Metical. We were warned, that there are problems which credit card payments in Mozambique, but we never had any problem with a Visa card. At the ATMs, our debit card didn’t work, but the Visa card worked also here.

we had no problems with getting Diesel, there are enough filling stations, and we could mostly pay with card. But we had some problems with the engines getting a hick-up, which we think was caused by bad Diesel, maybe with added water. From that on, we were looking for Meru or other brands which we hoped would have better quality and the hick-ups stopped.

even at the coast, the water quality was good, as they get it from boreholes further inland.

we thought Zambia has the worst roads, now we know, Mozambique tops that easily. The main road from Maputo north until Inhassoro was good, but further north it gets really bad. A tar band in the middle with tracks on both sides, which are 1 metre lower.

there are road blocks along the road, but in general we had no problems. Only at the bridge over the Save river, we were asked for a bribe.

Mozambique is famous for its seafood, and we had the greatest experience getting crayfish, fish and prawns fresh from the fishermen.

there are great campsites along the coast from the south until Inhassoro. In Maputo there was no camping option, so we stayed at a guest house, where we could park our car securely inside their garden.

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