Liwonde National Park

We had heard good things about Liwonde NP and we were not disappointed. At Liwonde Safari Camp, we had a great place to stay at the border of the park. From 2 platforms, we could watch many animals already from the campsite.

Yellow Baboons

At night, we had elephants marching through our camp, getting very close to our lapa, munching on the trees around us. Any conversation had ceased, and we were all watching them in the dark. The owner of the camp was relaxed, so we were too.

The next morning, we were the first to drive into the park at 6 am. It was a little overcast and further north it started to rain, which didn’t spoil the great experience we had in the park, driving mostly along the Shire river, taking all the loops which led us closer to the river.

We even spotted 3 lionesses, resting in the plains near the river. Otherwise we saw a lot of waterbucks, kudus, sable antelopes and many, many birds.

Sable antelopes
Park gate

After midday, we left the park again to go back to our camp and on a river cruise, to get also the perspective from the water. Luckily the weather was perfect and we enjoyed our trip together with Franz from Austria.

After getting driven through the village, we had to climb into a small boat, which was then pushed by 3 young men through the swamp until we reached the bigger boat for our river cruise.

One of the highlights was to watch the elephants in the river, obviously enjoying the water very much.

African Fish Eagle
African Openbill
Malachite Kingfisher
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater
Black Crake
Water hyacinth
Getting pushed back
Franz from Austria
Bey, bey, Franz!

We had a great time at Liwonde NP and for sure can recommend this park. We are now on the way further north to the shore of Lake Malawi. More soon!

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