Along Lake Malawi

Clock tower erected in honour of Queen Victoria @ Mangochi
Museum @ Mangochi

On the way to Lake Malawi, we stopped at Mangochi to visit the Lake Malawi Museum. Beside of artefacts representing the local culture, there were remains and mostly pictures of all the steam ships which served at Lake Malawi. In front of the museum, we could watch a game of Boa, a traditional and very popular game in Africa.

Boa bord
Flamboyant tree
On the way to Kingfisher Inn puddles were filled with bricks
Overlander come together @ Kingfisher Inn
The rain had filled the puddles, but we got through without a problem
Fish are sold everywhere along Lake Malawi
Road between Kapiri and Mua Mission
Access to Mua Mission through the local market

At the Mua Mission, the KuNgoni Centre of Culture & Art, was established in 1976 by the Canadian missionary Fr. Claude Boucher. He dedicated his life to researching, recording and preserving Malawian culture. The Centre provides insights into the history and culture of Malawi, representing the Chewa, Ngoni and Yao cultures, their initiation ceremonies and rites of passage. It also holds a unique display of Gule Wamkulu masks, used by a secret society of the Chewa. As these masks hold the secrets of the Chewa men, we were not allowed to take pictures.

This was the best museum in Africa so far, and our guide was great in explaining the different cultures and their rites. Especially the room with the Gule Wamkulu masks was fascinating.

Sites of rock art im Malawi
Gule Wamkulu mask used in a ceremony
The 3 missioners arriving in Mua in 1902

The Mua mission was founded by the White Fathers in 1902 and is the oldest Roman Catholic mission of Malawi. The outside of the museum building is decorated with the history of Malawi depicting the most important events.

Water goddess
Senga Bay

Next we reached Senga Bay, a big fishing community, where each boat leaves together with 3 dugout canoes. What they are exactly used for, we don’t know.

During the day, the nets are getting repaired
Enjoying the bar @ Cool Runnings Camp

The road north from Salima was very bad with single lane bridges, many potholes and a narrow tar band with the shoulder 20 centimetres lower. Luckily it was Christmas day and there was not much traffic. We stopped at Sunga Moyo Camp, before we continued to Livingstonia. More soon!

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