Grossarl & Bad Hofgastein

Grossarl and Gastein are 2 valleys in the the South of Salzburg, leading deep into the Tauern mountain range. We went to explore them while winter was back. Both valleys are cul-de-sac roads, just that the Gasteiner valley has a train tunnel at the end, which you could use to travel on a piggyback wagon to the southern side of the Alps.

Parking for the Night

Many years ago, we had been to Grossarl for skiing with my beloved friend Rosi and our kids. was nice to explore the village of Grossarl again with its many (empty) hotels. The lifts were running, but so few people went skiing that it was weird. We continued into the valley as far as possible and ended at a parking where we could stay for the night.

We stopped at a shop selling delicacies from the Grossarl valley. We left with different kinds of local cheese and some sheep yoghurt. A way to support the local economy and to taste something from the region. We wonder when we will be able to enjoy a restaurant again. Not so soon for sure.

The next valley was the Gasteiner Tal, which has a couple of well known villages, not only for skiing but also for their thermal springs and the spa resorts. Thermal water with about 47 degrees Celsius was once led down to the village in wooden pipes and a brewery served as location for the first public bath. Nowadays a modern thermal spa and many spa hotels make Bad Hofgastein a glamorous place with a lovely centre with many shops, cafes and restaurants.

Walking the empty roads in Bad Hofgastein
Tasting the thermal water
Maria Himmelfahrt church in Bad Hofgastein

We had a wonderful winter time in this two valleys, exploring a little bit of our home country. And there is so much more to do in beautiful Austria!

But now it is time to look after our “cochechito”. With more than 100.000 kilometres of travelling including many many mountains, the brakes are at the end of their lifetime – more on our next post.

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