New brakes after 100 000 ……

During our last engine maintenance in December 2020 the status of the brakes was checked. As there was no alarm from the sensors, I decided to wait for another thousand kilometres to check again. Finally, I arranged an appointment at ““, a specialist on all Mercedes trucks and UNIMOG vehicles located in Hochneukirchen, a little village about one hour south-west of Vienna.

@ Hochneukirchen centre
TRAC-MOG Homepage
@ the TRAC-MOG workshop

After removing one front wheel we checked the current status of the disk and brake pads. Yes, we were at the limit. After exactly 102 thousand kilometres of rough travelling through 33 European countries, this is no surprise!

measuring the disk: exactly -3mm – the limit is reached!
break pads @ end of life cycle!
lets start with the rear wheels ….
heavy tools needed for the inner nuts!
rear brake pads: iron on iron!
removed brake disk
also the rear disks are at their limit, time to change!
cleaning from rust and dust …
orderig the new parts
cleaning the brake caliper

As I am always struggling with the 5 speed automatic gearbox, we pointed the attention to the complete drive shaft unit. This Sprinter is equipped with the standard Mercedes “Oberaigner ZG3” 4×4, so we needed to check gearbox, transfer case, drive shaft and wheels. All mechanical elements are in good condition, we needed only to change gearbox oil – which is a more or less difficult task!

removing the oil pan of the 5 speed automatic gear box
oil pan and oil filter element
only little metallic remains at the oil pan magnet
checking the oil filter unit in detail, no critical metallic residues!
new filter unit
old and new brake disk
brake pads for the hand brake unit
new brake pads
compare: left: old, used brake pad – right: the new one
new front disk
reassembling the brake calipper
complet brake unit reassembled
finishing the reassemby
adding 7 liters of new gearbox oil
final computer check of the gearbox setting
next time we will adjust the shifting pattern of the 5 speed gear box
Thank you Mathias! All perfect, the 4×4 Sprinter drives like new!

4 thoughts on “New brakes after 100 000 ……”

  1. Hi, super Beitrag. Bin der Onkel von Anne, Mathias Lebensgefährte.
    Waren im Sommer zu Besuch in Mathias Werkstätte. Sehr beeindruckend.
    Tolle Website, tolle Bilder und Fotogeschichten von euch!!
    PS.: Look von Bildern sehr ansprechend, ist dies Fuji Style?

    1. Hallo Andreas,
      Danke für dein Lob. Ja, super Werkstätte für uns UNIMOG und MERCEDES Enthusiasten. Die Fotos sind alle mit PENTAX K1 24-70 (offene Blende) gemacht und mit LIGHTROOM nachbearbeitet.


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