New Tyres and Brakes @ Fort Portal

As we are coming closer to the main rainy season in East Africa, starting at the end of March, and our tyres are really “end of life cycle” after about 45.000 km, we decided to invest in a new set of BF Goodrich AT.
Over the iOverlander app, we found Beate and Robert ( in Fort Portal who supported us in finding a supplier for the tyres. We were lucky that the correct size of our tyres was available on short notice, but the price was about double than in Europe.

Beside the tyres, we also had to change the front brake pads (last replacement @ 100 000 km). We had the spare parts with us, since our visit to Austria for Christmas.

Beate and Robert are currently supporting the “St. Joseph’s Technical School” and made it possible that we could do the tyre and brake change at the workshop there.

St. Joseph’s Technical School
Very good equipped educational garage, donated by the Belgium Government
Many apprentices following the brake change
old brake pads after 60 000 km
New brake pads already installed
Removing the old tyre from the rim
Old and new BF Goodrich AT after abt. 45 000 km
No flat tyre during 24 000 km on African roads
Beate & Robert, now helping the “St. Joseph’s Technical School” to develop!

New tyres, new brakes, now we are ready to go again. From Fort Portal we will explore the surrounding, before we will move on further north.

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