Finally back in our camper

Hoegh Trove had arrived!

After nearly 4 weeks at sea, our camper had finally arrived in Port Elizabeth. The agent organised by Seabridge, did all the customs and paper work for us and late Friday afternoon we were able to get our camper out of the port, just in time before everybody went home for the weekend.

Harbour gate control
More paperwork and control to get to our camper
This day they were very rigorous including an alcohol control
Three happy guys, as all the campers are here

The only hick up was our dead battery. When the car didn’t start, we got a jump start and made it out of the harbour and to our camp ground. Luckily we still had the rented car and managed to buy a new battery on Saturday.

Dead battery after 6 years
Luckily a new battery was on stock

The next task was to fill up the gas tank. You don’t find LPG at the gas stations in South Africa, but we found a gas filling company, which could fill our fixed tank. With a 80l gas tank, it will last a while, before we will have to fill up again.
Fennell’s at Main Road in Walmer

The right adapter was on board
Pine Lodge Campsite
adding South Africa to the country list

We are very happy, that everything went well. The camper is ready for all the adventures to come and we are very much looking forward to it. Our first test drive will be the Addo Elephant Park – more soon!

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