Endless farm land south of Lesotho

Before we reached Durban, we came past Underberg (not the Kräuterlikör) where we camped for one night and went on a hike over the farm around Khotso Campsite.

Hiking at Khotso farm
Drakensberg view

Our next stop was at Nottingham Road (not a road but a village) where we visited “The Bierfassl”, an Austrian restaurant. Sadly the owner was not there, but the food was good. We spent a rainy night at the Glensheiling Caravan Park close by, where we could watch the Weaver birds build their nests. When a male bird has finished a nest, he shows it to his partner. If the nest is not to her expectations, she takes it apart and he can start again.

Village Weaver

Finally, we reached Durban during another rainy day. The next morning, the sun was shining again, and we went to visit the uShaka Marine World.

Durban’s beach

The aquarium is housed in an old ship wreck, with many funny details beside of the beautiful fish you can watch here. We had visited uShaka Marine World together with our son in 2006 and had good memories of this place.

Retrospect to our visit in 2006
No wonder, not many people like them
Watching the big ships entering Durban harbour

Again we had some errands to do, like filling up our gas tank. Not so easy, when there are no LPG filling stations. Where they sell gas, they are usually not equipped to fill our tank. Luckily we already had the right adapter, but at Gastrek in Westmead outside Durban, the challenge was the distance between the gas and our car. The owner was so kind to organise a hose and the next day, we could finally fill up our tank again.

Drinks on the beach
Bunny Chow

In the late afternoon, we found a restaurant next to the beach, where we had a Bunny Chow, a typical dish of Durban, which consists of a bread, filled with Curry.

Leaving Durban to the North

We were now on the way along the coast, going to the Mutunzini Nature Reserve to enjoy the unspoilt beach and coastal forest.

Hiking along the sea

The forecast promised only a couple of days of good weather before the next rain would hit us, so we decided to make the most out of it and continued our way to the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi National Park. More next!

Trumpeter Hornbill / bird of the day

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