Driving through a thunderstorm

We came to Bloemfontein to visit Bernie (ZS4TX), a HAM radio enthusiast, but did also a tour through the city. Bloemfontein is a lovely town, which made a very clean and organised impression, but we managed to find also the city centre, which was, as usually in South African Towns, not so nice anymore.

Bernie ZS4TX showing me around at his EME antenna farm
The city from Naval Hill

We drove up Naval Hill for the view and to say “Hi” to Nelson.

We also went to the visit the “Nasionale Vrouemonument” – commemorating the roughly 27,000 Boer women and children who died in British concentration camps during the Anglo–Boer War (1899 – 1902). Another sad part of the South African history.

Nasionale Vrouemonument

But Bloemfontein has also a museum, we were interested in: the “Volksie Museum” – more next!

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