Amboseli National Park

Amboseli NP, famous for its view of Mount Kilimanjaro, in addition to the wildlife, didn’t disappoint. The famous mountain made its appearance and we saw a lot of animals during our visit to the park. We stayed at Kimana Camp just outside the park, to make the most of 24 hours @ Amboseli. We did an afternoon drive and another one the next morning. This way, it felt like 2 days in the park.

We called him Cesar, because of the green leaves on his head.

There was a lot of water in the park, but all the roads were in perfect condition, which made exploring every corner easy.

Marabou gathering

During the draught before the rainy season had started this year, many wildebeest but also buffalos and zebras had died and we saw a lot of carcasses. Luckily there were also the ones which had survived and can now enjoy the water and new grass.

Many dead wildebeest
Spotted hyaena

In a remote area of the park, we spotted a group of lionesses with their cubs. It was a pleasure to watch so many of them.

Elephants are plenty in Amboseli and depending on the sand they used for their bath, they were more reddish-brown or more grey, like these fellows.

A cheetah was strolling over the plains, before she found enough shade behind taller gras to drop down and relax.

A group of lions had killed a buffalo and after digging in, one of the lionesses left with her cubs, still completely covered in blood. Even the young ones looked like they had had their head inside the buffalo. She gave them some cleaning before they continued to find a place to relax.

Even as Amboseli is a well visited park with not only safari cars but also school busses driving around, we had had a great time exploring the vast plains, lakes and swamps. We will drive into Tsavo West next, curious, what this national park will have to offer.

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