A hike @ Mount Kenya NP

We decided to climb Mount Kenya at least a little bit, mostly with our car and then go for a hike, starting at the famous Castle Forest Lodge, where we spent 2 cold and rainy nights. The scenery was so green and lush and the cows and mountain hut made us feel like at home in the Austrian Alps.

Camping @ Castle Forest Lodge

The Mountain Rainforest around the base of Mount Kenya is very dense and not much light reaches the ground. Trees up to 50 metres high, covered in ferns and other plants try to reach as much sunlight as possible.

Mountain hut @ Castle Forest Lodge
Flower of the Day

During the night, we had 12 degrees and it was drizzling most of the time – a reason to leave this special place again and head back to Nairobi for a short stop at the Jungle Junction, before we continue again.

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