Tiwi Beach

We spent a long time at Tiwi Beach at Twiga Lodge, a nice campsite directly at the beach under palm trees, while we waited for our shipment to Oman.

Twiga Lodge Campsite @ Tiwi Beach
Hanging out @ Tiwi Beach
Beach Massage

Of course we also did some excursions. Amos organised for us to go dolphin spotting at the Kisite Mpunguti Marine NP. A Minibus took us to Shimoni, where the boat trip started past Wasini island. After spotting group of dolphins, we stopped at the reef and went snorkelling.

At the campsite we met Geli and Günther and had a great time with them. Together we visited the weekly market and the hidden booze place. But first we were invited to the house of our guide Hamisi.

Our ride
Hamisi, our guide and his sister and wife in front of their house
Children are always curious about cameras

The market was selling goods for the locals, tourists usually don’t come to this market. We bought some sweets made from peanuts and sesame, a treat together with the fresh coffee.

“The Coffee Man” had time for a portrait
Sweet treats

After the visit to the market, the tuk tuks took us outside the village to some huts, where guilty looking muslims were enjoying coconut liquor. Of course we tried it, but it wasn’t our taste, to be honest.

Trying coconut liquor
Dresses bought at the market

From the Kithenge I had bought in Morogoro / Tansania, a lady here in Tiwi made me this dress – I love it!

But then, Montezuma’s Revenge hit us, with fever, putting me in a very bad condition. Just to be sure, we made a Malaria test, which was negative. It took 2 days of suffering until I felt a little better again. But it wasn’t just us, fellow campers had it so bad, that they went to the hospital.

Up and running again!

As we had still a week until our shipping, we decided to leave the coast for a couple of days and drive to the Tsavo area, to do something different than relaxing at the beach. More soon.

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  1. Hallo ihr zwei🤗 euer Bericht war wirklich super zu lesen. Hat mir gut gefallen. Die schönen Bilder kamen mir überwiegend sehr bekannt vor. 😎 haben wir hier einen guten Platz gefunden. 🙏Wünsche euch weiterhin eine gute Reise alles Liebe Geli

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