The Uganda Railway Museum @ Jinja

At Jinja, the river Nile leaves Lake Victoria and this point was once declared the source of the Nile by John Hanning Speke. But we had also heard, that in Jinja a museum on the history of the East African Railway just opened one year ago, and we decided to stop there.

Crossing the Nile just after it leaves Lake Victoria

We got a nice lady to show us around and found the small exhibition quite interesting. The British had started to construct a railway starting at Mombasa and going past Nairobi to Uganda. The aim was, to transport all the crops from Uganda, like cotton, tea, coffee, tobacco and copper to the coast. They had brought thousands of Indian workers to construct the line.

Map of Ugandan railway lines
Buildings of the railway station @ Jinja

We found the museum informative, with a lot of relicts of the heydays of the railway in Uganda. After independence, the railway was neglected and the Indians running the railway were thrown out of the country. Today, it still exists and its importance for the economy might be reconsidered.
We will now drive into Kampala, the city known for its horrendous traffic.

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