The Railway Museum @ Bulawayo

Bulawayo is a fascinating town, where the grandeur of the past is slowly crumbling away. We went to visit the Railway Museum, which has many relicts of the railway times in Africa on display.

Which way to go? Cairo or Cape Town?
Steam locomotive with the water tender in front
The next generation: huge diesel engines are producing power

Cecil Rhodes carriage is also exhibited here, he for sure travelled in style. As he had chosen Matobo NP as his last resting place, he was brought with this carriage to Bulawayo for his funeral.

Toilet, wash basin, there was even a bath tub!
Travelling first class through Rhodesia, what a luxury!
Driving the handcar back and forward
Flower of the Day

On our way back to Harare, we stopped for the night at the Antelope Park outside Gweru, which was also a lovely campsite with many birds at the lake, for sure a place to stay longer than a night. But we continued the next day to the airport and dropped Monty there for his flight back to Europe. We had such a great time exploring Zimbabwe together!!

From now on, it will be just the two of us again, but first we need a couple of days to organise ourselves, work through all the photos and catch up on everything wich was put aside.

Our next destination will be Mana Pools NP – more soon.

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