Tarifa, southernmost point of Europe

Castle of St Catalina

At exactly 36 degrees latitude, the Punta de Tarifa is the southernmost point of continental Europe. The only parts of Europe farther south are islands – including the Greek island of Gavdos, which is the southernmost point of Europe. The North African capitals of Algiers and Tunis actually lie farther north than Tarifa.

To the East – the Mediterranean
To the West – the Atlantic
Morocco at the horizon

The distance to Morocco, and thus the African continent, is only 14 km from Tarifa. Nowhere else are Europe and Africa closer to each other. Normally there is a ferry connection to Tanger, but due to Corona, the Moroccan border is still closed.

After the North Cape (9 month ago), we are now at the opposite end of Europe.
Entering the old town @ Puerta de Jerez
Lunch break
Lookout point
Moroccan coast – so close but unreachable

From Tarifa it wasn’t far to Gibraltar. More about the British enclave at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula in our next post!

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