Stuck in Gaborone

After one of our wheel spacers at the rear axle was worn out and there was no way to repair it, it was necessary to replace this part.
No big deal, as we knew the manufacturer in Germany, the replacement was on stock, so we ordered this part in Germany and instructed them, to send it via DHL Express to Gaborone Botswana.
Within 4 days the spare part arrived in Gaborone! Well done we thought, but as we tried to pick up our parcel at the DHL service point, we were informed that the “customs clearing process” has not started yet and we will be informed whenever the clearing is done. After an intervention (3 days later) at the service point we were then able to pay the customs.

To make the long story short, till now (10 days after arrival) the parcel is still not cleared out of customs even we are daily pushing DHL.

Nobody is responsible and nobody is willing to do anything to bring the process to an end.

only contacting the top management solved the problem!

It took 10 days after the parcel arrived at Gaborone to be delivered to the customer! A real EXPRESS delivery.

This is for sure the perfect way, designed by the top management of DHL, to make the customer satisfied.

Recommendation guaranteed!

We are just happy that we finally got it and we can travel on. After picking it up we immediately drove to the border and into South Africa, where we want to explore the eastern part of the country, before we reach Mozambique.

2 thoughts on “Stuck in Gaborone”

  1. Immer wieder erstaunt, dass das Versenden in diese abgelegenen Flecken der Erde klappt. Dann aber, dass es beim Zoll hängt ist echt ärgerlich. Gut dass es nun klappte – zwar nur mit Escalation.
    Gute Reise! Freue mich dich bald wieder zu hören

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