New camper after our trip beyond the Polar Circle?

For more than 3 month we had travelled through Scandinavia and we loved it! It was the first time we came to these countries and we enjoyed the beautiful landscapes from the lakes in Finland to the mountains and fjords of Norway very much. Especially the North in autumn was a great experience and of course the lovely people we met everywhere. Here are some impressions from our trip and what we had dragged our reliable “cochecito” through.

We managed to make many more kilometres

We now have nearly 100.000 kilometres on the metre and are grateful that we have such a reliable car, which took us through all the countries without any major problem. But after thousands of kilometres of gravel, snow, mud and rain our “cochecito” had changed its colour to a much darker shade sprinkled with a lot of mud. The windows got cleaned now and then during the trip but the car had gathered a thick patina of dirt.

The salvation came finally in Sittensen, Germany when we saw a “Truck Wasch” where a group of Russian speaking guys set to work and after a lot of water, brushing and high pressure cleaning a car appeared we barely recognised – out came our “cochecito” in a much lighter color and so clean – unbelievable!

Here it is – a freshly washed “cochecito” ready to drive home for Christmas. We put this song “Driving home for Christmas” by Chris Rea on speakers and off we went. But first we will stop in Utrecht to visit our favourite son! More on our next post.

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